Friday, July 18, 2008

San Diego Comic Con 2008, Aisle 800, Booth F4

July is here once again and so is the granddaddy of all cons...
I'll be there in the same area, AISLE 800- BOOTH F4, with copies of my new little art book "Glam vol.2". This one has a secret candy center!
I'll also be selling sets of prints and some remaining copies of "Glam vol.1".
This time around I'm surrounded by a lot of friends so it should be a lot more fun (if thats at all possible.) I cant wait to see what everyone has in store... and cant wait to meet some new faces.
A few of my peeps in the area will be:
Whats even better is that I'm heading to San Francisco 5 days earlier with my girlfriend. We'll be cruisin' the coast, sippin' some wine, and may even bowl a game or two! It gonna be awesome! 5 days is not enough!
See everyone at Diego!