Monday, August 21, 2006

Outsider Art Club Week 1

Heres my Outsider Art Club entry for Week 1...
"Zombies VS. Pirates"
I tried to keep this one generally loose and spontaneous.

In other news:
I'm currently in the process of updating this place! I've got a lot of shout outs and links to add... Including a "personal Inspirations!" list or "Guys that Rock!"
I'm way behind on keeping tabs, so its about time I get my shit together...
My small and humble "SHOP" is up and goin' to the right...
Thanks to all you who ordered a book (theyre on their way)!
Thanks to all you who even thought about ordering one too! I'm honored!!

Back shortly!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

"AMALGAMATION..." now for sale!


Yup... so I finally got around to setting up my Paypal account...
and much thanks be to Bob Rissetto for helping out with this insanely simple process...

For just $10 (plus $2 shipping) you can have my first ever 6" by 9", 50 page, perfect bound sketchbook! It includes color works as well and a lil "flip book" corner! Not to mention a redeemable IOU, if you're ever in Chicago ;)

Just click on the "Buy Now" button underneath the cover of my book over to the right.
Ive only got a few left (what i didnt sell at the Con or give to friends).
If you've e-mailed me already I'll get back in contact with you, or just click over at the "Store". And thanks you for the interest!