Thursday, May 28, 2009

Indiana Jones Masterpieces

In addition to Star Wars Galaxy I was asked to sketch up a few cards for Topps "Indiana Jones Masterpieces" series.
I did a lot more of these than the Star Wars ones (about 200).
As a result, these were meant to be quicker, less rendered sketches than the Star Wars cards.
Both series contain some really great art from some amazing artists.
These are the 6 I have currently in my possession, which are also available for purchase.


Mukpuddy said...

These are freakin' rad dude!! Me and me wife are over for comic con this year, will you be there?

Love the ewoks too!!

Running Up Hills said...

beautiful man. you captured "Jones" to a Teeeee. awesome job.

Patrick Schoenmaker said...

Great stuff Javier

Kevin Barber said...

I had no idea. Great . These are fun.