Monday, July 13, 2009

San Diego Comic Con 2009

True believers:
Another year and SDCC is upon us.
Things will be a lot more laid back for me this year but I will be there.
I'll be in the Exhibitors section at table F4, same as last year.
I'll have a few new prints as well as copies of whats left of my 2 art books,
GLAM 1 and GLAM 2.
I'm hoping to actually get up and around a bit more this year
but either way its always fun. Cant wait to see everyone there.
There's gonna be some AMAZING stuff I'm sure.
Stop by if your around!


K.B. said...

No way,..we have too much work to do on LOTR.

Tooninator said...

see you there, dude. Comin' all the way from CANADA!!