Friday, August 08, 2008

Post SDCC storm/ GLAM vol.2

Hey all!
A pretty hard storm hit Chicago and I've had no power for the last 4 days.
It's finally on and theres a lot on my plate.

Comic-con has come and gone, and again I'm left with plenty of inspiration. So many great talents with such wonderful work... its truly amazing. A lot of cool stand up guys as well. First off, thanks to everyone who made it out and said hi or picked up a copy of my new art book, Glam vol.2.
It always means a lot to me, and keeps my goin'...
I spent a hell of a lot more time behind the table this year, and feel awful that I didnt get to wander around or meet a lot of people that I would have liked to meet. Especially when i realize how much awesome art and great people i missed out on. I always feel bad leaving the table... I got so much enjoyment from just talking to interested folks from all walks of life that would happen to wander by.I'll be posting a few con pics and talk a bit about it soon.

I'll be adding GLAM vol2 to the "store" over on your right as well as conjuring up a few other things soon. So please hang in there, and thank you to those who are still stopping by!



Catherine Satrun said...

Wow- no power for 4 days!!! Sorry to hear that! Comic Con was amazing this year and very inspirational. We enjoyed stopping by to chat and really liked your mermaid pic.

Alex "Toon" Deligiannis said...

Hey man, it was great to finally meet you in person at Con (at the Hard 8 booth). Glad to hear it was good show for you - can't wait to see what that inspiration you picked up will lend itself to.

Catherine Satrun said...

Hi! We're BIG fans of the new Dr. Who, and are planning to start watching some of the old ones as well. I'm glad to hear you picked up a Rocket Johnson book. Those guys are great! BTW- we interviewed a lot of artists at the con with our roomate, and she is slowly putting all the videos on under events/festivals if you want to check it out. Yes, I love that mermaid print and would love to get one. We were budgeting out our money this year and just couldn't get all the stuff we wanted.