Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Wizard World Chicago Aug 9-12

The following is a quick shameless plug for Wizard World 2007.

I'll be at booth 3908 B with my good friend Bruno Werneck.
We'll be trying to unload a few more of our books and hopefully meet some of you who couldnt make it out to San Diego. If you're around, stop by! We'll be there Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Hello kiddies,
Right off the bat let me say that San Diego Comic Con was AWESOME!
It'll truly be a difficult thing to put it all into words. Especially since my throat hurts from some apparent bug that was going around... sux.
As soon as I get my camera back from my girlfriend I'll post a few pics and mention all the great people I met... I havent forgot yall!


Kevin Barber said...

Hmmmm? How long has this been in the works ?
Cool guys .See ya there. Hope the experience is as good as San Diego was.-KB

Jav said...

We tried to keep it on the low...
It may be comparing apples to grapefruits...
It'll be an experience nonetheless!

Andre Barnwell said...

thanks for droppin by as usual. And as usual your stuff is always killin it. Man so many talented artist with books..not enough money. OL. anyway glad to see you hustlin im sure once i get more time and freedom to produce more prints i can join you and th others that have inspired me. Keep grindin!

Sarah Satrun said...

We'll see you at Wizard World Saturday!

Gaijinder said...

Hey man, this is that crazy podcaster guy who interviewed you at Wizard World ^_^

Just thought I'd drop by and say hi in my search to try and find everybody I gave airtime to :P

The site, in case ye forgot,

Take care!

Look...No Hands said...

i just picked up GLAM. dude, this stuff is beautiful. i cant wait for your next book.

Jeff Young-Sterling

Paola Pozzessere said...

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Reynes said...

I've just received your sketchbook GLAM (order at stuartngbooks). Ilt's a beautifull work :)


Cool. Hope you did well.

disa said...